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Truk Lagoon - Odyssey Wreck Diving Liveaboard
February 3 - 13, 2017

Dive Winnipesaukee is going to the South Pacific for a weeklong, wreck diving, liveaboard trip of a lifetime to Truk Lagoon with Odyssey Adventures.

The Odyssey is 132 feet long and operates on a Sunday to Sunday schedule. Our flight schedule will originate out of Boston on Friday, February 3, 2017 and we'll arrive at our destination around 9:30PM on Sunday, February 5, 2017 after crossing the International Dateline. An airport transfer to the Odyssey is included.

We will be doing 6 days of up to 5 dives per day. The water temperature ranges from 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Visability ranges from 30' to 100' depending upon where you are in the lagoon and there is little current.

Most of the wrecks are within the recreational diving depth limit of 130 feet. A few will have some portions of the wreck that are deeper but most of the wreck profile is shallower than 130 feet. It is not uncommon for a wreck to have its deepest depth at 130 feet and its shallowest depth at 30 feet. Most of the dive time in Truk Lagoon occurs in depths ranging from 50 to 100 feet. The technical part of diving in Truk comes more from wreck penetration than from depth. This is what allows the mix of skill levels on the dive sites. Novice divers can easily spend their time diving the outside of the wrecks with some light penetration of cargo holds and pilot houses. Technical divers can spend their time doing more extensive penetrations into engine rooms and other interior areas of the wrecks. Technical divers doing extensive penetration may find themselves incurring decompression requirements. On the other hand, recreational divers can enjoy long, shallower dives without incurring a need for decompression stops. During the week, a side trip to the San Francisco Maru is usually scheduled. This is one of the deeper wrecks in the lagoon (155 - 200 ft.). This dive is optional for those who are interested and qualified. During this dive the main boat will be at a different site to accommodate the recreational divers onboard.

For technical divers on the Odyssey, double tanks (aluminum 80 cu. ft.) with dual isolation valve manifold and bands can be provided. Doubles accommodate DIN or yoke style regulator first stages. Single 112 cu. ft. steel tanks, DIN or yoke can also be provided. Pony bottles (30 cu. ft.) with DIN or yoke valves can also be provided. Pony bottles can be used for backup or high O2 deco mixes. O2 for deco mixes at up to 100%, is available for a fee. Tri-mix is also available.

At the end of the week, we'll leave the Odyssey on Sunday morning at 8:00AM following a continental breakfast. The expected departing flight is Monday morning at about 2:30AM. We'll get a hotel room for the day. We'll be transferred from the Odyssey to the hotel. We'll also be picked up at the hotel later that night to go to the airport for the 2:30AM Monday departing flight.

Trip Dates Friday, February 3 - Monday, February 13, 2017
Price $6,750 per diver, double occupancy. Price includes roundtrip airfare, transfers, Odyssey liveaboard fee and taxes, Odyssey crew gratuity, Chuuk Dive permit and 1 night Truk island hotel room.
(Price is based upon an airfare of $2500 and is subject to change)
Airfare & Transfers Round-trip airfare from Boston, MA and transfers in Truk are included.
Room Seven nights onboard the Odyssey. The Odyssey boasts nine large, luxurious staterooms all fully carpeted with private air conditioning controls, windows or large portholes, and private toilet, shower and sink in every stateroom. All staterooms have a DVD player with 13" monitor. Staterooms are cleaned daily.

One hotel night (Feb. 12th) in Truk.
Meals While onboard the Odyssey, all meals, snacks, beverages including beer and wine (except dinner on Saturday night) are included.
Diving Six days of diving up to 5 dives per day. Tanks, weights and Nitrox (30%) for Nitrox certified divers is included.
What's Not Included In Trip Pricing $20 Truk departure tax.
Saturday night (Feb. 11th) meal in Truk.
Departure Sunday meals in Truk.
Payment Schedule There are 8 spots available.

$500 - Initial deposit due with trip reservation
$2500 - Additional payment due on 01/15/2016
$1500 - Additional payment due on 04/15/2016
$1150 - Additional payment due on 07/15/2016
$1100 - Final payment due on 11/15/2016

Please call (603-569-8080) or visit Dive Winnipesaukee today to make your arrangements. Price is subject to change.
Cancellation Policy Dive Winnipesaukee will book airfare approximately 1 year before travel. Once airfare is booked, travelers are pretty much committed to the trip. You must notify us in writing if a cancellation becomes necessary. We will work with you to try to obtain airline refunds. It is suggested that customers consider purchasing trip insurance.

Odyssey's liveaboard cancellation policy is as follows:
Cancellation before 04/15/2016 - There is a $100 per person cancellation fee.

Cancellation between 04/15/2016 and 07/31/2016 inclusive - There is a $350 per person cancellation fee.

Cancellation between 08/01/2016 and 10/14/2016 inclusive - There is a $600 per person cancellation fee.

Cancellation between 10/15/2016 and 11/15/2016 inclusive - There is a $1000 per person cancellation fee.

Cancellation after 11/15/2016 - No refund is available.