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SSI (Scuba Schools International) Open Water Certification

Throughout the entire year, Dive Winnipesaukee offers open water certification classes in locations around New Hampshire, such as North Conway, Purity Springs, Laconia, Dover, Portsmouth and Concord. During the summer months we offer open water certification classes right in our back yard (Lake Winnipesaukee). Typically, classes consist of six lecture reviews in conjunction with five pool/shallow water classes and 4 open water certification dives usually meeting two set days per week. We also offer the flexibility of creating a personalized training schedule for individuals or groups interested in private lessons.

What does our program include?
  • 8 Classroom/pool/lake sessions led by an SSI Scuba Diving Instructor
  • Maximum of 8 students in each class
  • Online student training materials
  • Dive Logbook
  • Use of a Total Diving System (Air Cylinder, Breathing Regulator, Buoyancy Compensator, Wetsuit, Weight Belt and Weights)
  • After successful completion of open water certification dives, each diver receives a Diver Certification Card from SSI. SSI is one of the most prestigious certifying agencies in the world. This certification is your passport to the most rewarding, fun filled sport in the world.

Dive Winnipesaukee Corporation offers the exclusive "SSI Dive Safe" instructional program. You will find the "Dive Safe" program is the most complete SCUBA training program on the market today. We put great emphasis on safety, skills, comfort level and the proper use of equipment. All of Dive Winnipesaukee Corporation's instructors are very professional and are highly trained. Students are not rushed through their training and are given the personal attention that they deserve. Once you complete the course, you will be a certified SSI open water diver, a certification that is recognized worldwide. SSI and Dive Winnipesaukee also offer many specialty courses. Some of our more popular ones include our Advanced Open Water Diver class (which includes Nitrox, Deep Diving, Navigation and Night Diving), Diver Stress and Rescue and Ice Diving. Please take the time to check out www.divessi.com

  • Minimum of 10 years of age, no maximum age
  • Be comfortable in the water (we can help with this)
  • Be in reasonably good health. A short medical questionnaire must be completed.
  • Have an open mind and willingness to learn.
  • Want to have fun
  • For hygiene and personal fit reasons, we require that all students provide their own mask, fins, snorkel, dive boots, logbook and mouthpiece. We offer several money saving packages to fulfill this requirement!

To complete your certification, you must complete 4 open water dives under the guidance of an instructor while demonstrating all the skills that you have learned in the pool/shallow water lessons. Dive Winnipesaukee Corporation offers many options and opportunities to complete these.

4 Options to complete your open water dives
  • Join our instructors on our charter boat, "Lady Go Diva" when we set sail from our dock right here at our shop or on a shore dive such as Clark Point.
  • Join us on one of our local trips to the sea coast
  • Join us on one of our international trips to one of our many tropical destinations
  • Have your own trip already planned? Keep in mind that Dive Winnipesaukee Corp. is affiliated with student training centers throughout the world. This gives you the flexibility to complete your open water training practically anywhere in the world.


During the pool/shallow water and open water certification dive sessions, scuba equipment is provided. It is recommended that students acquire their own equipment during their class. This allows the student to have a custom fit total diving system that they will become comfortable with and allows familiarity, which promotes safety. We offer a variety of incentives to help a student purchase their total diving system. Our staff has years of experience and knowledge to provide you with the confidence that the gear you invest in is perfectly matched to you and your diving needs.

Student Only Incentives
  • Purchase one of our Team Diving System packages before or during your classroom and pool work and receive a certificate for 2 free Friday night single tank lake charters OR 1 free Sunday morning 2 tank lake charter aboard our dive boat "Lady Go Diva".
  • Visit our equipment sales page to view additional incentives and learn about our Team Diving System packages.