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Service and Repair of Scuba Equipment:

You have taken a lot of time and made a substantial investment in carefully selecting your scuba gear. Don't trust the servicing of your life-support equipment to just anyone. We take dive equipment service very seriously to ensure you the best in quality and satisfaction.

Dive Winnipesaukee has a professional Flowbench (pictured right) and experienced, qualified technicians to maintain and service your equipment. All staff technicians continually receive factory-authorized technical service education to insure that your equipment is returned to manufacturer's specifications. Only original equipment manufacturer's parts and lubricants are used in your repair.

We Flowbench test all new and all repaired regulators before they leave the store.

Remember to have your equipment serviced annually to help extend its life, to keep it in warranty and to eliminate any surprises on your trips.

Regulator and Other Air Supply Services Cost
Complete Regulator Overhaul
100% disassembly and rebuild of 1st and 2nd stages with installation of new MFG. recommended service kits. All hoses and connections are checked. For regulators that have not been overhauled/serviced in more than 2 yrs. Most manufacturers recommend an overhaul within 2-3 years! Parts extra.
$75.00 plus parts
Annual Regulator Maintenance Service
Complete internal and external inspection and cleaning where needed. Intermediate pressure is checked and adjusted. All rubber and silicone parts are checked, mouthpieces inspected and lubrication if needed. Regulator is tested on flow bench for performance. Overhaul may be needed. Parts extra.
$45.00 plus parts
Regulator Function Test Only
A basic function check consisting of leak test, intermediate pressure check, free flow test and basic evaluation of breathing resistance is performed.
Regulator Oxygen Cleaning
Oxygen cleaning for use with nitrox.

Cylinder Services
O-rings, valve parts, cleaning/drying, whipping and burst discs are not included in service prices. They are extra.
Visual inspection with air fill. $25.00
Same day/Next day Visual inspection with air fill. $35.00
Hydrostatic test with visual inspection and air fill. (2 - 3 week turn-around) $65.00
Cylinder Tumbling. $20.00
Cylinder Oxygen Cleaning. (For nitrox use) $50.00

Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) Service Cost
Inflator is cleaned and lubricated. Internal bladder is cleaned and treated with silicone rinse to increase longevity. Exterior is checked for damage.
(Most manufacturers recommend BCD service every other year as a minimun guideline.)
$25.00 plus parts